The Music Workshop for The Circus Arts
Music For The Circus Arts


The space where music and circus arts meet.

“The Invisible Discipline”

A workshop bringing together a small group of circus artists and musicians for the purpose of elevating and creating new ideas in the space where circus arts and music meet. The workshop will take place July 15-19, 2019 in Boston at the Boston Conservatory Theater at Berklee College of Music and will culminate in a performance on July 19.

The Online Workshop

A workshop for circus arts and musicians to collaborate in pairs or groups remotely for the purpose of creating new music for the circus arts. The workshop takes place on a rolling basis. Participants collaborate through online directed study, creative meetings, and the remote creation of video and audio files.

Circus artists acquire the following: skills in critical listening, musical analysis, dramatic relationship between circus arts and music, collaboration, and finally original music for their act.

Musicians acquire understanding of the circus art form, skills in critical analysis of the dramatic relationship between circus arts and music, collaborative approaches, knowledge of workflow, composition techniques, production techniques, performance techniques, and a video demo of their music and the act for which it was created.

On April 28, 2019 The Circus Music Workshop and The Sellam Circus School will partner to bring a pilot workshop to selected Students. The focus of the work will be to identify the needs of each student’s act, practice critical listening, exploring the dramatic relationship between circus arts and music, and learn skills in editing existing music for a specific act. Students will better understand how music can add dimension to their work, and will gain experience identifying, and editing existing music to best suit their own artistic expression.

The Pilot Workshop will be the basis for a series of in-depth workshops which will introduce students to student composers who will collaborate to create original music for acts.

The Pilot Workshop at Sellam Circus School

Currently there are no fees to apply to the workshops and no cost to participate. Housing, transportation, and some stipends are available to non-Boston area artists participating in “The Invisible Discipline”. Learn more and get involved.