The Music Workshop for The Circus Arts
Music For The Circus Arts


The space where music and circus arts meet.

“The Invisible Discipline”

Photo by Maike Schulz

Photo by Maike Schulz

The workshop took place July 15-19, 2019 in Boston at the Boston Conservatory Theater at Berklee College of Music. Six circus artists from the world’s best known circuses and and thirteen musicians musicians came together for the purpose of elevating and creating new ideas in the space where circus arts and music meet. We threw in an award winning circus director and a roustabout for good measure. WBUR’s Morning Edition told the story.

Among the musicians were professionals with decades of experience in the circus arts as well as a Grammy winner and a Tony nominee. Berklee composition students and faculty created an original score and workshopped it for five days with the circus artists.

The five-day event culminated in a performance on Friday, July 19, 7PM. It was free and open to the public. Information. Facebook event page.

On April 28, 2019 The Circus Music Workshop and The Sellam Circus School partnered to bring a pilot workshop to selected Students. The focus of the work was to identify the needs of each student’s act, practice critical listening, exploring the dramatic relationship between circus arts and music, and to learn skills in editing existing music for a specific act. Students worked to understand how music can add dimension to their work, and to gain experience identifying, and editing existing music to best suit their own artistic expression.

The Pilot Workshop at Sellam Circus School